Snake Diet Quickstart Guide

If you are looking to start the Snake Diet, here is an infographic of how to start! This guide was designed by Shameen Miller and reviewed by Snake Diet Creator Cole Robinson. Links for the guide are included below.

Snake Diet Quickstart Guide

The last update to this guide was August 2018 and all the information is still relevant. There are many snake juice recipes available, so if you don't like this one, you can try out the many that are listed on Cole's YouTube channel as well as get your own copy by going to my homepage.

This post is to share the guide with you and is not meant to explain everything about the Snake Diet. Make sure to watch my videos as well as Cole's to learn more about the diet. There are hours of videos to watch, but the best part is that since you will be fasting, you will have gained a lot of extra time on your hands. Enjoy the process and get that fat in you!

Links below to get a high resolution copy of the guide.

- PDF copy guide

- JPEG copy of the guide

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